WeekToDo 1.8.5 | Reorder tasks and to-do lists, resizable panels and much more.

WeekToDo 1.8.5 | Reorder tasks and to-do lists, resizable panels and much more.

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Manuel Ernesto Garcia
·Jul 9, 2022·

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WeekToDo 1.8.5 is here accompanied by several improvements, mainly in the user experience section and stability improvements.

Undo framework


It is very common that sometimes we make a mistake when making a change in our work and almost always the biggest problem is when we delete an element wrongly. Now when you delete an element, you can undo that action from the main view. A confirmation modal was also added for other actions that involve the deletion of more than one element.

Resizable panels


When we work with our split screen, it is common that sometimes one of our areas is filled with many elements, so it is much more comfortable on occasions to focus only on the area that we are working on at that moment. Now you have a feature that allows you to maximize and restore the main view panes.

Reorder Custom Lists


Now you can easily change the order of your custom lists. You just have to go to the side menu icon "Reorder Custom Lists", then it will show you a vertical window with the lists where you can drag and drop them.

New action menu for lists


With the intention of being able to add more actions that may be useful, we have grouped all the actions of the lists in a menu. In this menu the actions will be shown dynamically according to the properties of the list. You can now find the actions that were previously in the header of the grouped lists within the menu.

We have also added the "Clear List" option which removes all the items from the list and the "Rearrange" option, which organizes the tasks on the list, first placing the tasks ordered by time, then the tasks to be done and then completed tasks.

This was WeekToDo 1.8.5. We hope you enjoy it and if so, please share it with your friends and let us know what do you think in the comments below. See you in the next version.

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