WeekToDo 1.8 is here with recurring tasks and much more

WeekToDo 1.8 is here with recurring tasks and much more

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Manuel Ernesto Garcia
·Jun 27, 2022·

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This version is packed with new features and system improvements. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Recurring Tasks:


Now you can turn any of your tasks into a recurring task. You can select the frequency in which they will be displayed, be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also create the reputation at intervals, for example, every two days, and at the same time you can define whether the task will occur a certain number of times, until a certain date or indefinitely. We also added a view where you can see all the recurring tasks that are active in the system at a glance.

Improvements in the user's interface.


We have styled several of the UI components. Window edges are now more curved and tasks in the main view have a shadow that creates a depth effect.

Automatic task movement


When you complete a task or subtask, it will move to the bottom of the task list, so you will have the next task at hand. You also have a new option that allows you to automatically move incomplete tasks from previous days to today.

New build for Arch Linux

Added application compilation in .pacman format for users of Arch Linux based distributions.

Other changes

We also made many other changes to improve system stability. Fixed bug with task scrolling in task details view. An alert was added while the data import is in progress. Changed task list loading asynchronously.

This new version of WeekToDo closes a cycle with the features that we consider fundamental for the efficient management of tasks, remember you can download the app for free at For the next version, we will be working on adding support for touch devices, as well as a series of improvements in the user experience. See you next time.

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