WeekToDo 1.7.0 Now with Native Notifications and Reminders

WeekToDo 1.7.0 Now with Native Notifications and Reminders

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Manuel Ernesto Garcia
·Apr 15, 2022·

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We are launching WeekToDo 1.7.0 and it is full of improvements and significant changes to improve the usability of the application, as well as new features to provide more and more to the user.

Open at system startup and run in the background


This version includes as one of its main features the execution of the application in the background, this means that it can be closed and it will continue to run, improving its loading time and allowing functions to run in the background. The application will be displayed as an icon in the System Tray. The option to open the application automatically when the system starts was also included for greater user comfort.

Reminder of scheduled tasks at startup


To improve the interaction with the application and its use, we added the option to show a reminder when the computer is turned on, showing the pending tasks of the previous day and the tasks planned for the day. In this way, the user will not forget to manage his work plan for the day.

Native reminders and notifications for tasks


Now you can add notifications to your tasks. You simply have to configure a time when you want them to be carried out and activate the notifications for that task and when the time comes, the system will notify you with a native notification and a personalized sound that you can select in the configuration menu.

New settings menu


We have redefined the settings menu completely. It is now divided into several sections. We also added options to modify notification sound, run app at system startup, show reminder at system startup and delete all data and factory reset app.

Usability improvements

We've also made some usability improvements to the user interface. Now you can quickly open task details with the middle mouse click or a three-finger click on the touchpad.

Blog on Hashnode


We migrated our blog to the Hashnode platform to provide a better user experience. Soon, we will be sharing valuable content out there, so don't miss out and subscribe to be notified every time we post.

This new version of WeekToDo changes the way you interact with the application to improve the work experience and the productivity of users. We want to thank all the users of the community who have helped us test the new version of the application for macOS, without them it would not have been possible to launch this new version for mac.

Remember that WeekToDo is a completely free application that is sustained by the support of its users. If you are enjoying WeekToDo and believe that it adds value to your life, you can support its development and maintenance with whatever contribution you consider or by sharing the app it with your friends.

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