WeekToDo 1.6 Colors, Sponsors, contributors page and community.

WeekToDo 1.6 Colors, Sponsors, contributors page and community.

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Manuel Ernesto Garcia
·Mar 20, 2022·

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We are launching version 1.6 of WeekToDo and for this update we have several new functional features and others to boost the development of the application as well as the interaction with the community and the recognition to all those who support the development of WeekToDo.

Tasks with Colors:


From now on you can select between 5 colors for your tasks. This is quite useful when we want to group tasks according to a topic, priority or simply to draw more attention to a certain task.

CheckBoxes for tasks


To make easier the delimitation of each task added now the tasks will have a small checkbox in front of them, making it easier to delimit each task. The checkboxes will change color according to the color assigned to the task.

About menu redesign

We are including in the about menu all the links to the application profiles in social networks, email and blog. We also added sections where the work of all contributors, contributors and sponsors of the application will be recognized.


If you enjoy WeekTodo and you think it brings value to your life, I invite you to return part of that value with the contribution you consider and can, any contribution is super useful to keep WeekToDo and your name will be immortalized in the list of our great contributors ❤️

New sponsors area

Weektodo was created with the goal of offering a free application available to as many people as possible, so it will always be a 100% free project, but the development and maintenance of the application as well as the acquisition of the infrastructure to keep it online is expensive.


In order to sustain the development we are adding an area for users and businesses that want to sponsor the application. This way your logo, name and a short review will be displayed on the main page of the application as well as on the loading screen of the application.


The process is very simple, just fill out the form on the application contribution page.

New Telegram channel and community

To increase interaction with the users of the application, we have created a channel on Telegram where we will be periodically posting updates in the application. We will also be doing polls for you to participate in the process of creating the app, where you can suggest the changes you want to see or decide with your vote on what can be included next in the app version.

In addition, we have made other minor changes to issues with calendars and some languages, added correctly the Polish language that had a bug and other things. See you in the next version with time for tasks and notifications.

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