Plan your week with WeekToDo

Plan your week with WeekToDo

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Manuel Ernesto Garcia
·Mar 20, 2022·

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WeekToDo is a minimalist weekly planner that allows you to plan your week easily and intuitively. The main strength of the application is the privacy of the data, since stored all data in the user side. WeekToDo is a totally free project, available for Linux, Windows, macOS or in a web browser. Until today, it is available in ten languages.


The user interface allows you to quickly and easily drag, add, modify and delete tasks. Is also modifiable allowing to vary the number of columns, size and use a dark mode. The user can also select whether to work with a weekly calendar, a custom task list, or a mix of both. ec208f97-daff-4c01-8ac1-0dfc3008ad81.jpeg

The tasks have a details view where other attributes such as description can be modified with support for the Markdown rich text format and subtasks which once added also allow their interaction directly from the main interface. In this view we also find options such as copying all the text of the task to the clipboard or duplicating the tasks.


In the side menu we find different actions to interact with the application. We can quickly move to the current date or move directly to a certain date through a calendar. Then we find the configuration menu where we can modify the user interface, the language and export and import the application data. Finally we have a section with tips about the system and a menu of contributions to support the development and maintenance of the application.

Although today there are many applications to improve our productivity, WeekToDo is an accessible alternative for everyone, available for multiple operating systems, which stands out for its simplicity and ease of use as well as its focus on data privacy.

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